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Yes! YOU can learn what we do!  We offer a variety of workshops, each taught by a seasoned professional.




Students will learn basic stagecraft and how to speak freely & clearly; and think quickly while focusing on the fundamentals of improv including: Scene Basics; Object & Location Work; Character Development; Narrative. Students will also learn several performance games, as the final class will be a performance.




MONDAYS 6pm-8pm

at Alleyway Theatre, 1 Curtain Up Alley, Buffalo, NY 14202

Focusing on what was simply brushed upon in your theatrical training; learn to trust yourself and others without a script. Tell a collaborative story while discovering your comedic timing, spontaneity, and strengthen the characters within you.






























Explore more difficult scenework and complex teamwork situations by identifying offers, determining status, and building real characters. Experiment with accents, gibberish and more advanced games. Final class will be a performance.


Apply your experience to various games and open scenes, plus dabble in Long-form. Final class will be a performance.

IMPROV 911  

Skills getting rusty? Scenes seem stale? Second guessing your choices? Feeling burnt out? Happens to all experienced improvisers. Fix your funk by starting your scenes stronger and making the most out of offers. Take your scenes and characters to the next level and find the fun again with a group of like-minded improvisers. Final class will be a performance.


Build on your previous improv experience by learning to find the comedy in grounded characters and relationships. After honing required improv skills such as listening, investing emotionally, building patterns, and working organically in groups, we will tackle some Chicago-style "long-form" improv. Final class will be a performance.


Attention improv troupes, teams, and duos!  All of us need honest feedback to become better improvisers.  That feedback needs to come from someone experienced looking AT your show, not from within your ranks.   We've been there! We can help!  Just ask!

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